My Hometown Heroes and Gyros

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Access Pass & Design has never been short on talent. Many of our employees pursue meaningful hobbies and passions outside of the office, and they do it well enough to enjoy quite a bit of success in their pursuits after-hours.

Last Thursday, Access Pass & Design sponsored an event that showcased the passions and pursuits of two of our employees.

As we posted in our newsletter a few months ago, Danny Heinsohn, account executive, recently achieved 501(c)3 status for My Hometown Heroes, an organization dedicated to raising academic financial aid for young cancer survivors. Danny started the organization as a celebration of his tenth year of remission from brain cancer.

In the local music scene, our marketing coordinator Cecil McCumber has been songwriting and performing original music for the past few years, but he recently combined his efforts with local jazz musicians professionals to create a band with a unique blend of folk, jazz, and funk, The Petty Unknown.

Cecil also used to work at the Nevada Small Business Development Center where he counseled local small businesses in their marketing efforts and business strategy. One of his clients was Naan & Kabab, a local Mediterranean restaurant.

Enter: the three elements for a great event – a noble charity, an inviting venue with fantastic food, and music entertainment!

Thursday’s event was entitled My Hometown Heroes & Gyros and enticed close to fifty guests (close to capacity for the restaurant) to come out and support the charity, restaurant, and band.

Access Pass & Design graciously provided the posters, menus, and commemorative tickets for the event. However, on the eve of the dinner, Seth surprised everyone by taking the Access Pass & Design sponsorship a step further.

“Access Pass & Design has decided to pay for anyone of our employees to go who wants to, and to bring a guest,” said Seth in our company meeting.

Not only did most of the company enjoy a fabulous meal that night, but Danny raised over $500 for the charity and The Pretty Unknown played to a packed house.

Thank you to our generous owners and to everyone who came out that night – it was a wonderful evening.

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