Based out of Nashville, TN and Reno, NV, The Pretty Unknown is a project built from the melodic songwriting of Cecil McCumber and the gorgeous arrangements of horn-section players Karl Busch (sax) and Jef Derderian (trumpet), and rhythm section Mac Esposito (bass) and Greg Lewis (drums).

What do we sound like?

“It’s like if Taylor Swift was the surrogate mother for Michael Buble and Sarah McLachlan’s love child. Then they raised the child listening The Beach Boys and The Beatles. That’s a technical critique.” ~ anonymous

Current Members

Cecil McCumber | Lead Vocals / Guitar / Songwriter

Mac Esposito | Bass Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals

Karl Busch | Saxophone / Clarinet / Flute / Backing Vocals

Jef Derderian | Trumpet / Keys / Backing Vocals

Greg Lewis| Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals

Bandmembers Emeritae

Adam Dunson | Drums
Aaron Edgcomb | Drums
Matt Badinger | Drums

Consistent Subs

Miguel Jimenez | Drums
Eric Johnson | Saxophone
Dave Strawn | Bass